We believe that the creation of an album is a partnership between a business and an artist/band. If the business doesn't think that the CD will make money, it shouldn't try to make the CD nor charge the artist in order to do so.

Financial Ethics

We are business partners, not enemies. (no logo) Records will accept the risk of the creation of the album. Artists will never owe us any money when we sign them to a contract.

Artist Development

We emphasize creating long, sustained careers for artists. We won't force you into the limelight when you haven't honed your craft yet. We'll help slowly build up a hardcore fanbase that will last throughout the ages.

We believe that progress in the music industry will only be achieved by record labels accepting more financial responsibility, treating artists like business partners, treating their fans with the respect and dignity they deserve, and helping the creation of more music that connects to people emotionally.

About (no logo) Records

We are focused on helping more creative, quality artists train and perform in the music industry. We have strict standards as to our roster of artists, but we hope to have many different genres represented.


(no logo) LLC was founded in 2009 to bring about change in the industry. Since then, we've been studying the global music industry to see what we can do.

Album Contract

We won't charge you to release an album. We're business partners, so we won't sign a contract unless we're willing to accept the risk.

Development Spending

We'll work with the artist to ensure that money isn't wasted, but we're more than glad to spend money where its needed. That means no expensive recording studios, private jets, trashing hotel rooms, or top floor office space, but yes to musical training, food, housing, quality equipment, etc. (Expenditures depend on each contract.)

Revenue Sharing

Every single artist is paid from the first single/album sale. While the percentages differ by investment and such, we'll give artists what they deserve.
More info coming soon...

Roster & Partners

We currently don't have any artists nor partners listed. Keep an eye on this page and our social media channels to see our first artists and partners.
Please submit your information at the contact link below if you're interested.

Working for the future of music.

Contact us

We are currently accepting submissions by artists. Please mail a CD to our address, or message us a link to your music.
Depending on the amount of music we get, we might or might not be able to listen to your music or give a response.
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(no logo) Records
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